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Wat een geweldig wek, SUPER!!, nu moet je 'doorbreken', Liefs, Veroon
-- Veronica Van Dam, 3/22/14

Pats, your portraits of Kit and Jake are amazing, you have somehow managed to perfectly capture their character while producing a colourful work of art. Thank you very much.
-- Roger Sarginson, 10/19/13

Loved, loved, loved my 1st purchase.......can't wait for the 2nd to arrive!
-- Robert Cherry, 10/15/13

Wow your work is fantastic - had no idea how famous you are!
-- Terry Putnam, 6/28/12

Super stuff Pats - so glad to see you doing what you love x
-- Rowan, 1/18/12

You have an exceptional talent there Pats !, Sure you will be up there with the best when they discover you !. Ali
-- Ali Thomas, 1/5/12

Very nice paintings; impressive views, expressive faces; like your work very much!
-- Monique & Tony, 8/1/11

great work Pats "Beauty, Slut & Blue dress very strong.
-- Paul Eckett, 6/3/11

i love all your work and im proud of you
-- Okke, 6/1/11

Goeie site! Vullen maar! X
-- Jilka Jansen, 5/1/11

impressed patsie x lars
-- Lars, 5/1/11

Love the childrens portraits.
-- Astrid En Bob, 4/17/11